Resume writing can be one of the most challenging tasks when starting a job search.  Resume writing does not have to be challenging though.


When you write a resume, information beyond 10 years is often not necessary.  However, if you have only been with one company for the last 10 years, you may want to include prior employment history as well. If you don’t have other job history to include, you may want include a section called “Skills”. Under “Skills” you can list, with bullet points, at least five areas of expertise you have. Keep each item brief. You don’t want your resume to be cluttered.  And try to keep the resume to one page.


Suggested Resume Format:

In this section, you will see the resume format that I prefer.  You can search online to get other resume format ideas.  The resume example below is a suggestion:

Top of the Page:  Type your Name, City, State, Cell Phone Number and Email.  I think that your address should be private until you have been contacted by a potential employer.  That is why I suggest just showing just the City and State.

Objective:  This is where you mention the type of job you hope to acquire.  For example, you can say that you are looking for a customer service position, etc.

Skills and Expertise:  Discuss your computer skills, typing speed, ability to learn fast, etc.

Employment Experience:  List your employment history for the last 10 years.  Start with the most recent.   You can provide just the month and year for the dates you started and ended.    If you are still with an employer, you can type something like Your start date to Present (Example:  6/2015 to Present).

Education:  Your college education, licenses and any certificates you may have can be entered in this section.

References:   List your business references, professional titles (if any) and phone numbers in this section.  I consider the “References” section to be optional.  You can actually wait until you have been called for an interview to provide references.

Once you are done writing your resume, ask a few people to read it for you. They may see something that you overlooked.

When you present your resume to a potential employer, include copies of any positive reviews and/or letters of commendation you may have received from previous employers.

Cher R.



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