If you currently have a website on the internet, you probably ask yourself often, How can I promote my business online?” Or “How can I get free advertising for my website?” You are probably always searching for tips and ideas for promoting your business.

In order to be a successful internet business owner, you have to let people know that you exist. The more you promote your business, the better your chances of success.

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Promoting Your Business

The following are ideas for promoting your business. Included is a list of places and ideas for advertising your business for free online. I would suggest you choose several marketing sources and promote your website each and every day.

You will not see results overnight. You have to always be advertising. You must promote, promote, promote.

If you choose to market on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or any other social media sites, don’t always post ads. Post or share interesting articles, do “likes” and make comments on other people’s posts. When you make comments, don’t put a link in the comment section. Putting a link in your comments is usually against the rules. Instead, add your link and describe your services on your profile page. When people see your comments, some people will click on your photo to learn more about you.


Online Advertising Options (Some are Free):


Google Plus

Facebook Groups





Traffic Ad Bar



business cards

Fiverr – When you go to their website, you may want to do a search for classified advertising.  There are people who will post your ad to 25 or more websites and provide you with proof of the postings and the links.  The cost is very low.


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