What is Affiliate Marketing Online? Affiliate Marketing is the marketing of other companies’ products on your website. Companies give you links and banners that you can copy and paste onto your website. If someone goes to your website and buys a product online after clicking on your links or banners, you can earn a commission based on the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.


 Choosing an Affiliate Program

When people choose affiliate programs for their websites, they choose affiliate programs that are closely related to the subject matter of their site.

If your website is about dogs, you may want to find affiliate programs that offer products to dog owners, such as dog food, pet insurance, pet vitamins, dog collars, flea products, etc.

If your website is about fitness, you may want to have affiliate programs that offer nutritional supplements, diet products, exercise equipment, gym memberships, etc.

Just think of who is visiting your site and focus on that audience.


Applying to Affiliate Programs

There are many companies now that offer free affiliate programs online. It is a great way for these companies to get free advertising for their products.

The process usually involves a very short application. Some will approve you instantly. Some will take a few days to get back to you.


Finding Affiliate Programs

You can find affiliate programs to promote by doing a search online.  Search for “affiliate programs”.

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