Why Start An Online Business?


For me, one of the main benefits of starting an online business was to be able to do something that I am truly passionate about. I love selling online. I used to do business development for recruiting firms.  I used to talk to hundreds of people a month. When I left the office, the selling stopped.


When you have an internet based business, you never have to talk to anyone over the phone; but your business is open 24 hours a day. Your websites can be selling for you even when you are away on vacation. Also, you have the potential of reaching millions of people.


You can set your own schedule. If you want to work your business during the day, you can. If you prefer to get other things done during the day and work your business at night, you have that option as well.


If you d0n’t have a website, you may want to check out Bluehost or do a google search for other options.


I have been operating an online business full-time now since 2014. I hope to never, ever have to give it up.




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