How Should You Dress For Your Interview?


When you are dressing for an interview, you are choosing the impression you want to make on your potential employer. Never ever wear jeans. Even though the company may have a very casual dress code, you should still dress up for the interview. A nice shirt with slacks or a nice dress are appropriate for retail or an office environment.


If it is a corporate environment where the men often wear suits, you should dress as they do. A male applicant should wear a suit and a tie. If you don’t own a suit and cannot borrow one, you should at least wear a nice shirt tucked into your slacks. For women, a nice dress (knee-length or longer) or a blouse with slacks should be fine.





Don’t wear anything that would be considered sexy.  Your top should have long or short sleeves (no spaghetti straps, no skin-tight clothing, and no miniskirts).  And, of course, make certain that you are well-groomed (clean-shaven, hair is neat, etc.).


After you have been scheduled for an interview, it is okay to call back later and ask the receptionist what the dress code is for their office.  Just remember the information above and don’t wear jeans.  Dressing appropriately for an interview is very important to getting a job.


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