The following are some ideas for starting your own home-based business.  For some of the ideas below, you may need business cards, fliers, insurance or a license.  Research and learn as much as you can about the industry you are interested in.

There may be classes, tutorials, training, and how-to videos available online.

Learn about the skills and talent your clients may expect of you; and find out what a typical day would look like.

Don’t expect to have a swarm of clients immediately.  It will take hard work and time to build your business.  Promote your business daily.  You may want to start with contacting your Facebook friends and joining Facebook Groups.

YouTube can be a great resource for videos on how to write ads and how to promote your business.

If you have business ideas that you would like to share, please leave a comment below.


Business Ideas:


-Start a dog walking or dog sitting business.

-Create your own blog.

-Start a gardening service.

-Start a mobile car wash service.

-Start a house cleaning service.

-Start a babysitting business.

-Contact businesses and offer to handle their social media sites.

-If you are a good typist and have legal experience, you can offer to transcribe audio tapes for attorneys.

-If you are great at selling, you can contact realtors and other businesses and offer to help them with prospecting by phone.

-If you have great administrative skills, you can contact businesses and offer to be their virtual assistant.



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